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AC U PO Box 129, Tiverton, Devon EX16 0A.]
Telephone 01398 332 437 E-mail: acumenlab@-h0tmail.c0.uk
Acumen: 141846 Patient? Annette Hansen
Date of birth: 09/04/1962

Reported: 15/03/2014 DOCK)": Dr M MilZ Dr K Bieber
Blood metallothionein studies
Background. Metallothionein binds zinc, copper and toxic metals. in a number of metabolic processes it is the normai carrier-protein for zinc and copper. When it binds toxic metals such as cadmium the tendency is to form a very strong bond with the cadmium-MT complex that is then deposited in tissues — usually renal tissue. Even though, as radioactive-tracer studies have shown, the MT is exchanged over tinae, the ‘replacement‘ MT re-binds the cadmium and it remains in the kidney or other tissues if already ‘dumped’ there.
Test procedures: We first perform a screening test of functional MT function. A buffered preparation of the patient‘s albumin is ‘saturated’ with zinc and allowed to interact with the patients white cells that are imobilised on microscopic glass beads. After a washing procedure, the white cells that have been attracted to the beads are lysed, stained and inspected microscopically. The results are compared with those from normal controls.
If abnormal MT induction is suspected from the above and when we have available suitable anti-sera*, we proceed to measure the total serum MT level using an ELISA (enzyme—linked) analytical method.
*Please note that it is not always possible to obtain this anti-sera.
Results: The functional (screening) test: High
ELlSA assay results (serum): ' ' I Reference range “6' Result = 410 ug/I 84 to 360
Zinc = 16%, copper = 69%, cadmium = 6%, mercury = 5% and there are
traces ofnickel pailadium. Mb M 6 A: 0” 3L
" P
cam Normaily, around 40% of the total metal on metailothionein is zinc. Copper accounts for most ofthe remaining 60%. When present, toxic metals can displace zinc or copper but poor zinc—availability and the presence of inflammatory changes also iead to a poor zinczcopper ratio. With the exception of mercury, metals present are measured using Metrohrn 797 VA Computrace instrumentation and software.
Dr John McLaren-Howard DSc FACN - Directors - Mrs Mirhane McLaren-Howard
Acumen Medical Ltd trading as Acumen Registemd in Engiand and Wales, no: 7082142 Registered Office: Key House, Woodward Road, Howden Industrial Estate, Werton, Devon, EX16 (UK)
Comments: As a % of the total metals on this metallothionein:

n PO Box 129, Tiverton, Devon EX16 OAJ
Telephone 01398 332 437 E-nlail: acumenlabfijjhotmailxomk
Acumeni 141846 Patient: Annette Hansen
Date of birth: 09/04/1962
Reported: 15/03/2014 Doctorr Dr M Mil: Dr K Bieber
Lymphocyte sensitivitv test(s)
Background: When sensitized lymphocytes are exposed to a low level of the ‘allergen’ the responses include
the rapid passage of calcium into the cells. In the laboratory, the change is quantified using a calciumsensitive fluorescent probe pre-loaded into the lymphocytes. Not all lymphocytes carry the same sensitivity information so an integrated result for a large number of the patient’s lymphocytes is obtained using microplate technology and a Thermo Labsystems Multiscan® Multisoft instrument.
Test substance “Eggth | | T_e__st substance Result
Mercury (Inorganic) 260 Terreic acid* 125
Mercury (organic) 230 Aflatoxin B* m flak 90 Nickel 155 Fumigadin* 70 Cadmium 170 v
Arsenic 80
Lead 50
Aluminium 100
Copper 75 1
Pailadium 170 i
Fungisterol* mfd 180
Reference intervals: up to 100 normal, 100 - 200 borderline, over 200 definite sensitivity
comments; *Fungal metabolites. Intracellular calcium is rather high at 150 nmol/l -
deducted in the calculation of the above results.
Dr John McLaren-Howard DSc FACN - Directors - Mrs Mirhane McLaren-Howard
Acumen Medical Ltd trading as Acumen Registered in England and Wales, no: 7082142 Registered Office: Key House, Woodward Road, Howden industrial Estate, Tiverlon, Devon, EX16 (UK)

AC u PO Box 129, Tiverton, Devon EX16 OAJ
Telephone 01398 332 437 E-mail: acumenlab@h0tmail.co.uk
141846 Patiemi' Annette Hansen
Date of birth: 09/04/1962
REPOTTEdI 15/03/2014 DOCtOFI Dr M MHZ Dr K Bieber
A functional test looks at the in-vitro efficiency of the patient’s red cell superoxide dismutase (SOD) when their neutrophi] superoxide production is maximally stimulated. The activity of the individual forms of SOD are explored. General cell protection from damage by superoxide is provided by intracellular zinc:copperSOD (Zn/Cu-SOD). Mitochondria are protected by manganese-dependent SOD (Mn-SOD). Extracellular SOD (EC-SOD — another Zn/Cu SODase) protects the nitric oxide pathways that relax vascular smooth
For each form of SODase, genetic variations are known, mutations can occur during excessive cxidative stress on DNA and polymorphisms can occur. DNA adducts can chemically block these genes.
Blood test results:
Test Result Units Reference raggg Functional test 37 % Over 40
(mostly 41 —47) Zn/Cu-SOD I 215 I Enzymggctlwty 2-40 - 410
M 1 | I . -
n SOD 9 148 Enzyme actmty 123 208
//: g E (u) t 28 70 EC-SOD I ma ac ivi -
[y . 34 I m (n) W
Gene studies:
I Sod form fiends) Comments
zn/Cu'SOD Normal Low enzyme activity
Coded on ; chromosome 21
Mil-SOD Norma: Normal enzyme activity Coded on
chromosome 6 V
EC-SOD Normal Normal enzyme activity Coded on
chromosome 4
Dr John McLaren-Howard DSc FACN
- Directors -
Acumen Medical Ltd trading as Acumen Registered in England and Wales, no: 7082142
Mrs Mirhane McLaren-Howard
Registered Office: Key House, Woodward Road, Howden Endustr’ilaLEstate, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 SHW (UK)

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AC電壓郵政信箱129 ,蒂弗頓,德文郡EX16 0A 。 ]
電話01398 332 437電子郵箱: acumenlab@-h0tmail.c0.uk 觸覺: 141846病人?安妮特·漢森 出生日期: 1962年9月4日 報導: 15/03/2014 DOCK ) “ :M MilZ博士Ķ比伯博士 血液中金屬硫蛋白的研究 背景。金屬硫蛋白結合鋅,銅及有毒金屬。在許多代謝過程,是普通樂曲職業蛋白質的鋅和銅。當它結合的有毒金屬暨鎘這樣是為了形成與鎘-MT複合物,然後在組織中沉積的非常牢固的鍵的傾向 - 通常是腎組織。雖然,暨放射性跟踪研究表明,在MT改變了tinae ,在“替代” MT重新綁定鎘,它仍然在腎臟或其他組織菌絲已經“甩”在那裡。 測試方法:我們首先進行功能的MT功能的篩查試驗。病人的血清白蛋白的緩衝製劑'飽和'鋅,並允許患者要互動與那些imobilised微觀玻璃珠的白細胞。洗滌程序後,已吸引到珠白細胞裂解,染色和顯微鏡檢查。該結果與正常對照進行比較。 DM異常MT感應從上述懷疑當我們有可用的和合適的抗血清* ,我們進行測量使用ELISA(酶聯)分析方法的總血清MT水平。 *請注意,這並不總是可能的,得到此抗血清。 結果:功能性(篩選)試驗:高 ELLSA檢測結果(血清) : ''我參考範圍“ 6 ”結果= 410微克/我84到360 = 16 %鋅,銅= 69 % ,鎘= 6% ,5%,有水銀= 痕跡ofnickel pailadium 。 MB M 6答: 0 “ 3L “P Normaily凸輪, 40%左右的metailothionein總的金屬是鋅。銅佔大多數OFTHE餘下的60 % 。如果存在,有毒金屬可以取代或鋅銅 - 鋅擊打貧困可用性和炎症變化也IEAD率zinczcopper窮人比例存在。除汞,目前金屬是確保在使用Metrohrn 797伏安儀器和軟件。 醫生約翰·麥克拉倫 - 霍華德DSC FACN - 董事 - Mirhane邁凱輪 - 霍華德夫人 敏銳醫藥貿易有限公司敏銳Registemd暨Engiand和威爾士編號: 7082142註冊辦事處:主要大廈,伍德沃德大道,豪頓工業園, Werton ,德文, EX16 (英國) 點評:作為對這個金屬硫蛋白的金屬總量的% : Ñ​​郵政信箱129 ,蒂弗頓,德文郡EX16 OAJ 電話01398 332 437 E- nlail : acumenlabfijjhotmailxomk Acumeni 141846病人:安妮特·漢森 出生日期: 1962年9月4日 報導: 15/03/2014 Doctorr博士數M :Q比伯博士 淋巴細胞sensitivitv測試( S) 背景:當致敏淋巴細胞暴露於“變應原的反應的低電平包括 鈣的快速通道進入細胞。在實驗室中,這種變化是使用熒光探針calciumsensitive預加載到淋巴細胞量化。注意:所有的淋巴細胞攜帶相同靈敏度信息跳轉綜合影響的結果,使用微孔板技術和熱實驗室系統多重掃描® Multisoft儀是獲得大量病人的淋巴細胞。 測試物質“ Eggth | | T_e__st物質結果 汞(無機酸)土曲霉260 * 125 汞(有機) 230黃曲霉毒素B * I * Fumigadin片90 155鎳鎘70 170V的 80砷 鉛50 鋁100 銅75 1 Pailadium 170我 Fungisterol * MFD 180 參考區間:100正常, 100 - 200交界,超過200集的靈敏度 評論*真菌代謝產物。細胞內的鈣是相當高的,在150 nmol / L的 - 在上述結果的計算中扣除。 7 醫生約翰·麥克拉倫 - 霍華德DSC FACN - 董事 - Mirhane邁凱輪 - 霍華德夫人 敏銳醫藥貿易有限公司註冊於英格蘭和威爾士暨敏銳,編號: 7082142註冊辦事處:主要大廈,伍德沃德大道,豪頓工業村Tiverlon ,德文, EX16 (英國) AC電壓郵政信箱129 ,蒂弗頓,德文郡EX16 OAJ 電話01398 332 437電子郵箱: acumenlab@h0tmail.co.uk 141846 Patiemi “安妮特·漢森 出生日期: 1962年9月4日 REPOTTEdI 15/03/2014 DOCtOFI M博士Ķ兆赫比伯博士 肌肉。 SUPEROXIQE氧化物歧化酶的研究 功能測試著眼於患者的紅細胞超氧化物歧化酶( SOD )當他們的中性粒]超氧化物產量最大刺激的體外效率。超氧化物歧化酶的個人形式的活動都懇求。 copperSOD ( ZN /銅SOD) :由超常規的損害細胞保護是由細胞內鋅提供。線粒體是由錳超氧化物歧化酶依賴( SOD- MN)的保護。細胞外超氧化物歧化酶( EC -SOD - 另一個ZN /銅SODase )抗議一氧化氮通路,放鬆血管平滑肌 對於SODase的每種形式,遺傳變異是已知的,突變可以發生cxidative在壓力過大的DNA和基因多態性可能發生。 DNA加合物可以阻止這些化學片麻岩。 驗血結果: 測試結果單位參考raggg功能測試37 %超過40 (晴41 -47 ) ZN /銅SOD我215我Enzymggctlwty 2-40 - 410 M 1 | I。 - Ñ ​​SOD酶actmty 9 148 123 208 / / : E G ( U) T 28 70 EC -SOD我媽交流IVI - [ Y。 34我M(N )W 基因研究是: 我SOD化妝惡魔)評論 ZN /銅“正常低SOD酶活性 編碼上; 21號染色體 MIL -SOD諾瑪:在正常編碼酶的活性 染色體6 V 編碼的正常正常EC -SOD酶活性 4號染色體 醫生約翰·麥克拉倫 - 霍華德DSC FACN - 董事 - 敏銳醫藥貿易有限公司註冊於英格蘭和威爾士暨敏銳,編號: 7082142 Mirhane邁凱輪 - 霍華德夫人 註冊辦事處:主要大廈,伍德沃德大道,豪頓Endustr'ilaLEstate ,蒂弗頓,德文, EX16 SHW (英國)



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